Last minute festive party outfit idea: GLITTER PITS!!!
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Glitter pits are a thing. *Festive*

Cosmopolitan UK – ‎Dec 2, 2015‎
Just in time for party month comes a new trend for the beauty brave to try. Glitter pits. Yup, decorating your armpit hair in glitter is the girls’ response to glitter beards (as demoed on these boys). Well, why should the fellas have all the fun

Get into the festive groove with glittery armpits, the latest online beauty craze

Sowetan Live (press release) (registration) (blog) – ‎Dec 1, 2015‎
If you thought the ‘glitter beard’ trend that took off earlier this winter was the most festive beauty trend yet then think again — the hot new place to show off sparkly body hair is your armpits. Related articles. Dyeing your armpits: the new beauty

Glittery armpits – you heard that right – the latest online trend

The Malaysian Insider – ‎Dec 1, 2015‎
Australian photographer Chrissie Hall flaunts her starry golden armpits on her Instagram account. – Instagram pic, December 2, 2015.If you thought the “glitter beard” trend that took off earlier this winter was the most festive beauty trend yet then

Glittery armpits to enhance your party look

Malay Mail Online – ‎Dec 1, 2015‎
The technicolour trend takes the #freethepits and #hairypitsclub movement to a sparkly new level. ― AFP picNEW YORK, Dec 2 ― If you thought the “glitter beard” trend that took off earlier this winter was the most festive beauty trend yet then think

#GlitterPits Are Now a Thing That’s Trending on the ‘Gram

Cambio (blog) – ‎Dec 1, 2015‎
Glitter seems to have made its way into a lot of unexpected places lately, from beards to roots, but the hottest new place to put glitter might be the weirdest. Say hello to #GlitterPits. Better get your booty to a Michael’s. Miley Cyrus made her pits

Glitter Armpits Are the Unexpected New Beauty Trend Taking Over Social Media – ‎Dec 1, 2015‎
It’s December 1st, so all holiday everything is about to bombard the Internet. And with that, sparkly beauty inspiration that has absolutely no boundaries — crystal cat eyes, shimmery strands, and perhaps the most out-there trend we’ve seen yet

Glitter Armpits Is the Holiday Beauty Trend to Get You Into the Party Spirit

TheGloss – ‎Dec 1, 2015‎
Holiday party looks are all about glitter. Sequined and metallic dresses are always popular options, and who doesn’t love a pair of sparkly shoes to hit the dance floor in? Glitter is also an essential part of your holiday makeup look. Most of us will

Will You Be Joining The #GlitterPit Crew?

LOOK – ‎Dec 1, 2015‎
Rumour has it decking your hairy pits out with glitter is the beauty trend we should all be trying.. View Gallery. The Best Christmas Jumpers · The Best Christmas Jumpers. Bridie Wilkins. 1st December, 2015. Feminists have been championing #glitterpits

Glitter Armpits Are The Seasonal Beauty Trend To Get Behind

Elle Magazine Australia – ‎Nov 30, 2015‎
You might think your perfect Christmas outfit isn’t complete without a pair of festive jingling earrings, but you’d be wrong. What it really needs is a whole bunch of glitter sprinkled liberally into your armpit hair. Yes, according to a bunch of

Glitter Pits Are Here Just In Time For The Holidays

Refinery29 – ‎Nov 30, 2015‎
Pack it up, glitter beards (and glitter lips and glitter hair) — the latest sparkly trend is moving a little further south. Pastel armpits were a huge deal this time last year, starting a movement that allowed women to flout cultural body-hair norms

Glitter Pits Are the Internet’s Latest “Trend” to Celebrate Your Body… With

Mic – ‎Nov 30, 2015‎
Another day, another “trend” that combines the Internet’s love for glitter and body hair. We know about the Internet’s fascination with dyed armpit hair. We know about glitter beards. And we know about glitter roots, too. So, naturally, the latest