From Underarm Hair to Summer Turtlenecks, Styles Trends Are Hot

The New York Times summaries a recent summer and body hair trend.

Women Who Dye Their (Armpit) Hair. This one had it all. Bizarreness, trend-overstatement and a very strong likelihood to be talked about and shared on social media, as it pleased some and disgusted others. (It’s also part of the Styles obsession with women’s hair, wherever it may appear; another recent piece urged women to shave their faces.) The underarm-hair story almost immediately went to the top of the Times most-emailed list, where it had a nice long stay. A reader who didn’t identify himself told me in a voicemail message that he found it well beneath The Times’s standards and a clear sign that the end is nigh. After many decades, he said, he was canceling his subscription. When I posted the story on Facebook, a young rocker-chick of my acquaintance almost came to digital blows with an over-50 male pal who termed it “ewww.” She answered him: “Why is female body hair gross but male body hair is fine? And I dye the hair on my head, what makes any other patch of hair any different?” Despite the high emotion, the prevalence of pink or green underarm hair is something that most of us will never see any evidence of, no matter how strong the prescription on our monocles. More than merely ahead of the curve, therefore, this trend story is altogether off-road. Monocle Meter Rating: 9