Our body hair and its relationship to our identity is not something to be underestimated given how intimately body hair is anchored to the presiding conceptions of masculinity, femininity and gender. Although in Tyler Ford’s article body hair plays but a part in their story, Tyler’s prose gives an inspiring voice to the identitarian politics and the lived realities of body hair.

‘On my first day off the hormones, I shaved just one of my legs. To me, this symbolised my confusion and made a statement about the current state of my gender identity: in flux. Rather than trying to force myself into any gendered stereotype, I allowed myself the freedom to experiment with how I looked and which pronouns I used. Some days I would sport a beard and bright red lipstick; others, I would shave and wear a beanie with a button-down shirt. I stopped asking myself what it meant to want to do certain things or look a certain way and just let myself follow my desires without analysing them. My journal entry from 13 May 2013 reads: “I’ll figure it out someday. And then I’ll be confused again someday. Maybe that’s just how the cycle goes.”’

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