Some body hair news highlights from the past month:

Here’s Why Body Hair Is A Total Aphrodisiac: Lisa Marie Basile lauds the pleasures of body hair.

The effects of ‘beauty’ are widespread and severe: Rebecca Herzig, author of Plucked: A History of Hair Removal, offers insight into our body hair removal practices.

There’s nothing sexy about this hairless era from The Irish Times

5 Ways You Could Be Hurting Your Vagina, Because Your Daily Routine Might Not Be As Safe As You Think: Bustle warn of the perils of mistreating your hair ‘down there’.

I’m Tired of Justifying My Armpit Hair: Ellen Freeman airs her hairy frustrations.

Catherine Rodie asks Will female body hair ever be unremarkable?

The Indiana Daily Student ponders the possibility of body hair no longer being the pits: Life is the pits.