Allure spoke to Real Dolls CEO Matt McCullen about what sex dolls reveal about beauty trends and body hair beauty trends in particular.

Here are the hairy highlights:

  • “We get requests depending on the trends of the day. In the 1990s, everyone wanted thinner brows and breasts that looked surgically enhanced. Now the trend is natural. People want thicker brows and a more natural body—smaller breasts, even a bit of body fat. It’s subtle stuff, but the bodies people want are not perfectly toned. The only trend that’s not on the natural side is the lipstick—everyone is asking for popping red lipstick these days.”
  • “pubic hair is making a big comeback. Through the last ten years, everything was hairless, but now everyone wants pubic hair—different colors, different styles. There was a time most dolls had no hair at all—not anymore.”
  • “Every eyelash is attached individually. It can take up to five hours to get the whole face done.”