From deep sleeps to lengthy incarcerations and bodily transformations, the hairless body of the Disney princess is but a small yet significant part of their respective myths – not least because most of their tales take place before the hairlessness norm became the norm!

Buzzfeed reimagines just what Disney princesses would look like with body hair.

Reimagining Disney Princesses With Body Hair Is Actually Historically Accurate – ‎Jul 22, 2015‎
It’s clearly the summer of Disney reimaginings, with artists giving princesses modern twists, shorter hair, and mermaid tails. And the season is still in full swing, as Katie Corvino from Buzzfeed imagined what these lovely princesses would look like

Do These Realistic Disney Princesses Prove That Body Hair Can Be Beautiful Too? – ‎Jul 22, 2015‎
In recent years, our perspectives towards body image have undoubtedly become more liberal and today, it is the norm to openly celebrate our bodies, just as they are. And when it comes to growing out body hair, there is no exception. After all, we are

This is what Disney Princesses would look like with realistic body hair

Cosmopolitan UK – ‎Jul 21, 2015‎
What would happen if Walt Disney’s leading ladies didn’t go for their monthly wax… Share · Tweet · Pin · Share · Email. By Catriona Harvey-Jenner. Shares. Share · Tweet · Pin · Share · Email. Most Read. This is what Disney Princesses would look like