“My main thing is to create images that aren’t being seen.”

“There’s this one quote that has always stuck with me – ‘you can’t be what you can’t see. When you’re not being represented it’s like you’re not a real person.”

Photographer Petra Collins discusses body hair and menstrual blood as part of Style Like U‘s What’s Underneath project. The rest of the series can be viewed here.

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“I was finally like, ‘wait, why do I do this every day? Why do I buy things every day to get rid of something that my body is just trying to grow? It’s a business, it’s a market, it’s a market of femininity – if I want to be feminine, I have to be like this.” Girlboss and …

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Sorry Not Sorry, Women Have Body Hair | Petra Collins: What’s Underneath?

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As women, we must constantly fight Western culture’s message that our bodies are inherently flawed and that we need to spend our lifetime buying products in order to make them “acceptable.” We are so galvanized by all of women who have come together …