China’s armpit hair competition recently came to an end and the winners can be found here.

First place went to Weibo handle ‘Zhu Xixi loves eating fish’.

And the winner is...
And the winner is…

Winners of China’s Women’s Armpit Hair Competition revealed: Zhu Xixi won first

Metro – ‎Jun 15, 2015‎
Women across China have been posting photos of themselves flaunting their armpit hair on Weibo for the last month in a bid to win the Women’s Armpit Hair Competition (judged on social media engagement). First prize went to Zhu Xixi who received 202 …

Winners of Chinese women’s armpit hair selfie contest crowned

Daily Mail – ‎Jun 14, 2015‎
The winners of the first ‘Women’s Armpit Hair Competition’ have been announced, after a month of entries flooding in and spiking social media conversation on women’s rights. Judged according to the number of likes and shares that their photos accumulated …

Chinese Crown Winner Of Women’s Armpit Hair Selfie Contest – ‎Jun 15, 2015‎
Over the past month, Weibo was flooded with pictures of Chinese women proudly raising their arms and showing off their armpit hair to the world. The competition kicked off in May, with founder Xiao Yue saying that women do not need to be hairless to feel …

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