There’s a further flood of articles on Xiao Meili’s armpit hair competition today:

Chinese Feminists Fight For Body Hair Freedom

In many countries around the world, a woman with hair under her armpits is considered unattractive, but a Chinese feminist named Xiao Meili wants to disrupt that notion. She started a campaign on Sina Weibo – China’s Twitter equivalent – where Chinese …

Chinese Women Hosting Unshaven Armpit Photo Contest on Social Media

Prominent women’s rights activists in China are calling for women to post pictures of their unshaven armpits to Sina Weibo, a popular Twitter-like social media site, to protest beauty standards. “Men have more freedom in terms of what to do with their bodies,” …

Chinese feminists show off armpit hair in photo contest

Beijing (CNN) In the fight against domestic violence and gender inequality, Chinese feminists have opened up a new battlefront: Their armpits. They ask, why should women have to shave their pits when men are never expected to? To subvert the double …

Chinese feminists hold armpit hair photo contest

The Guardian 
Xiao Meili. The contest’s organisers say keeping armpit hair should not be seen as uncivilised or dirty. Tom Phillips in Beijing. Wednesday 10 June 2015 04.31 EDT Last modified on Wednesday 10 June 2015 05.11 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share on Twitter …

Chinese women flood social media with hairy underarm selfies

Daily Mail
‘Women’s armpit hair can be adorable…’: The photos have sparked an online conversation about attitudes towards female armpit hair. More Than a Prize: The women are joining the competition to make a statement about the stigma surrounding female …

Armpit hair contest in China spurs debate on perception of women’s beauty

The Star Online
SINGAPORE: An online competition inviting women in China to post photos of their armpit hair has ignited a debate over the public perception of female beauty. The contest, started on the country’s popular microblogging site Weibo on May 26, ends on …

Hairy’s not scary as Chinese women start viral campaign calling for females not

Supporters of the viral campaign are posting pictures of their underarm hair in a contest which is also sweeping China’s version of Twitter. Chinese women all over the world have been been posting selfies on social network Weibo of the hair they allow to …

Sinosphere | In Women’s Rights Battle, a Call to Underarms

New York Times (blog) – ‎Jun 9, 2015‎
As the summer warms up, bringing with it sleeveless tops, Xiao Meili, a women’s rights advocate, is collecting photos of women’s armpits. Her goal: to challenge a growing belief in China that a woman must have hair-free armpits to be attractive. On May 26 …

Chinese armpit hair competition triggers online debate

BBC News – ‎Jun 8, 2015‎
“Should I shave my armpit hair?” It is a question that often bothers Xiao Meili, a prominent women’s rights activist in China. “Girls are often anxious about their armpit hair as if it’s a sign of being dirty or uncivilized,” Ms Xiao said. “But we should have the …

Woman holds contest in China to defy belief that unshaved armpit

CHINA – A woman in China is challenging a growing belief in her country, that a woman must shave her armpits to be attractive. Xiao Meili set up a contest on a Chinese social messaging site for the best photo of a woman’s unshaven armpit. She appealed to …

Women’s armpits in China – a battleground for equality

The Online Citizen 
“Girls are often anxious about their armpit hair as if it’s a sign of being dirty or uncivilized,. But we should have the freedom to choose whether to accept what grows naturally on our bodies.” Xiao Meili. Those were the words of Xiao Meili, one of China’s most …

Chinese Feminist Issues Call for Women’s Armpit Hair

(Newser) – Most women’s rights advocates aren’t interested in turning back the clock. But China’s Xiao Meili hopes to do just that with a contest on messaging site Weibo. The goal: find the best photo of a woman’s untamed armpit hair—a look she says was …

Female Armpit Hair Competition Takes Off in China

Breitbart News
Xiao Meili, a woman’s activist in China, has started the “Armpit Hair Competition” as a way for women to “embrace” their bodies. “Girls are often anxious about their armpit hair as if it’s a sign of being dirty or uncivilized,” she explained. “But we should have the …

Chinese women start viral campaign calling for females worldwide not to shave

SDE Entertainment News
Supporters of the viral campaign are posting pictures of their underarm hair in a contest which is also sweeping China’s version of Twitter. Unshaven ampits 2 Pictures posted on social media show women showing of private hair Photo: Courtesy. Chinese …

LOOK: Weibo flooded once again with pictures of women proudly showing off

Shanghaiist – ‎Jun 9, 2015‎
Yes, it’s that time of the year again! A time when young women across China raise up their arms — as one; in order to take selfies showing off their armpit hair, which they then post online to support women’s rights and just maybe win a prize in one very …

To shave or not to shave

Global Times – ‎Jun 8, 2015‎
Charlie Liu decides to keep her armpit hair and takes a stand by doing so. Photo: Cui Meng/GT. Charlie Liu, a 25-year-old environmental researcher in Beijing, has just entered an unorthodox photography competition. In the black-and-white photo she …

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