Chest hair, fake tan and tattoos: How Aidan Turner was transformed into Poldark’s sex symbol

The Sunday night swoon fest continues with:

Chest hair! Fake tan! Tattoos! Sex symbols!

There’s an intriguing medley of bodily ornaments evoked here and I particularly enjoy the alchemy of how chest hair transforms actor Aidan Turner into a sex symbol. I’m not sure his co-star Eleanor Tomlinson would benefit from the same occultism. Although in a semi-refreshing turn of events most speculation concerning her character is how she managed to get herself in a particular dress albeit that the fact that she is wearing it in the first place is simply a foil for it to be taken off…

In what is somewhat of a more accomplished replay of Bridget Jones’s encounter with Colin Firth aka Mr. Darcy (in the original book and not the film), the article proves an interesting read through its sustained focus on Turner’s appearance. The questions cover ‘special bunny’ Turner’s inevitable turn as a ‘massive heartthrob’, his ‘long, tousled hair’, his transformation into an ‘icon’ and, more generally, ‘the subject of his body’. Indeed, in the story of his tousled hair this is simply one intervention in a series of many.

I wasn’t aware that such indulgence was part of the Radio Times remit, however, it does of course offer an especially hairy highlight which engenders a bizarre sort of objectification through hirsutism.

Q. And those sideburns?

We played around with different sideburns. I went more pointy in the beginning and then I took a risk and chopped a corner off. He is very hairy. He grows good facial hair, his stubble will grow overnight really quickly. Every morning there was a ritual of how I took that down.

Q. What about his chest hair? Did you have to do any trimming?

I did, I’m afraid. I clipped it right down. And his underarm hair. I didn’t want to take it all off but I wanted it to be stylized. Also, it’s just easier with the body make-up not to have it as long.

How long until Sunday nights feature stylized female body hair and is it likely to elicit such swooning?